How the Shoreline Master Plan Can Substantially Increase Your Taxes

Both Bainbridge Island and the City of Bremerton are debating wether or not to declare current legally built Shoreline homes non conforming if they do not meet proposed Shoreline Master Program Update  rules.

Senate Bill 5451, passed in 2011 allows for principal residential structures that were legally established but do not meet current standards for setbacks, buffers, or yards; area; bulk; height; or density to be considered a conforming structure in the master program.

Declaring such properties non conforming has real world economic consequences. See the letter from Lewis Mandell, Ph.D.  to the Bainbridge Island Council (below).

As a professional economist, I have conducted an economic analysis of the impact of the SMP’s reclassification of all waterfront properties as nonconforming on the transfer of the tax burden from waterfront homeowners to the less affluent members of the Bainbridge population who live inland.  I would like to share my analysis with members of the City Council.

Read more here…


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