Urban Growth Area Remand Preferred Alternatives announced

The County Commissioners have announced their preferred alternatives to reduce the size of eight Urban Growth Areas to meet the Growth Management Hearings Board Remand requirements. The area maps and related documents are available for review until mid August.

Read the Kitsap Sun article here.


2 responses to “Urban Growth Area Remand Preferred Alternatives announced

  1. Quick fix, just make the GMA law voluntary for counties.

  2. I am Tony Stephens. I am a candidate for the 23rd Legislative District to the Washington State House of Representatives. I have read the policy analysis for the GMA from the Washington Policy Center and I have researched the GMA, as well as its parent documents. There is a video on my website, explaining the GMA. It is under the “Learning” tab. The Washington Policy Center suggests tweeking the GMA to make it better. This is wrongheaded. The only cure for the GMA is total repeal and repudiation.
    I spent twenty years in the U.S. Army Infantry. We knew Liberty was worth dying for. Allowing our Liberty to slide away is to make moot, the sacrifice of all of those who served, were wounded, or died, to keep us free.
    If Liberty is worth dying for, it is certainly worth voting for.

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