What does the county want for your front yard?

Section 4.3 Vegetation Conservation

Goal 2. Conserve, protect and restore shoreline vegetation to provide for ecological and habitat functions as well as human health and safety. These functions include, but are not limited to, variable shading of the nearshore, food and shelter for terrestrial and aquatic organisms, and slope/soil stabilization.

Policy SH-9 Preserve native plant communities on marine, river, lake and wetland shorelines. In order to maintain shoreline ecological functions and processes, development along the shoreline should result in minimal direct, indirect, or cumulative impacts. This includes:

A. Keeping overhanging vegetation intact along the shoreline edge to provide shading and other ecological functions; and

B. Preserving established areas of native plants and minimizing clearing and grading near bluff edges and other erosion or landslide-prone areas in order to maintain slope stability and prevent excess surface erosion and stormwater runoff; and

C. Designing and placing structures and associated development in areas that avoid disturbance of established native plants, especially trees and shrubs.

Policy SH-10 Shoreline landowners are encouraged to preserve and enhance native woody vegetation and native groundcovers to stabilize soils and provide habitat. When shoreline uses or modifications require a planting plan, maintaining native plant communities, replacing noxious weeds and avoiding installation of ornamental plants is preferred. Non-native vegetation requiring use of fertilizers, herbicides/pesticides, or summer watering is discouraged.

Policy SH-11 Maintaining native or ecologically functional vegetation is preferred over clearing toprovide views or lawns. Limited and selective clearing may be allowed when slope stability and ecological functions are not compromised. Limited trimming and pruning is generally preferred over removal of native vegetation.

Kitsap County Shoreline Master Program May 2012 4-3 DRAFT

Public Testimony to the Planning Commission Is closed. If this is unacceptable to you, contact the County Commissioners.


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