What restrictions did the county just impose on your property?

Acting on a Sierra Club/Futurewise letter, the County Planning Commission placed 22 additional shoreline properties into a Natural designation.  The  new Natural designation places the highest restrictions on development, among them 200 feet of natural vegetation buffer. County GIS staff has provided an approximate calculation of the 8/21/12 Planning Commission Natural recommendation as follows (SMP Draft Designation Revisions):

  • 185 total parcels
  • 29 publicly owned
  • 156 privately owned

The following Management Practices will be imposed:

1. New development or significant vegetation removal that would reduce the capability of vegetation to perform normal ecological functions should not be allowed.

2. Single-family residences, roads, parking areas and utility corridors may be allowed as a conditional use only if they cannot be located outside the Natural Designation or shoreline jurisdiction

The 200 foot natural vegetation buffer encompasses 100% of the Shoreline Management jurisdiction depth.

The county has no plans to notify the affected property owners of these new restrictions. Is you property affected? Call or write the County Department of Community Development to find out.


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