County Commissioners on Property Rights: District 2

Commissioner, District 2: Candidates: Incumbent Garrido Challenger Linda Simpson

The county’s Shoreline Master Program, which regulates development of waterfront lands, is slated for final approval in December after a long, contentious public debate. Garrido stands by the process, which garnered input from all corners, but she’s acutely aware that critics remain dissatisfied. A persistent concern is whether existing development is grandfathered in. Garrido says clearly it is, yet the message seems to have been lost in translation.

“We’ve been hearing from folks on the campaign trail that the Shoreline Master Program steps over the line. I think some of the concerns are just a misunderstanding,” Garrido said.

In the case of appeals, she says, the county hearing examiner interprets the SMP to draw the boundary between an individual’s rightful sphere of influence and the common good.

Simpson stands by Article I of the state constitution that says government exists to “protect and maintain individual rights.” “How could we lose if our goal is property rights?” she said. “How could we lose by siding with someone who feels their personal liberty has been infringed on?”

In the unlikely event an appeal got kicked up to the board of commissioners, Simpson said, she would apply “out-of-the-box” thinking to achieve a “reasonable” resolution.

Read the full Kitsap Sun article here



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