Testimony of Doug Lyons on Kitsap County SMP

Thank you for letting me have the opportunity to speak to you. My name is Doug Lyons. I live on Virginia Point on Liberty Bay.

This is about freedom. Sometime we just give this lip service. But you have a chance to rectify that. I am going to read from a letter that I sent to Commissioner Gelder (on 2/10/2012). I do not mean to pick on you Rob but it contains the subject matter I wish to cover.

(All items in parens are additional comments I made to the letter}

“With Regard to the Shoreline Management Plan: I initiated a petition to get the shoreline homes grand fathered. Over 700 signed that petition. (That was 10% of all Kitsap shoreline residents. I did not have time to get more.) It was in accordance with Senate Bill 5451 that allowed the Commissioners to grandfather all properties built after 1937. (I thank the commissioners for putting wording into the SMP to allow that.) The wording in the petition included the following : “This exemption should allow for maintenance, repair, remodeling, and additions as now allowed by zoning codes”. As of now home owners are allowed to expand their homes by 20% with only considerations for setbacks from property lines, roads, and septic systems. I submit the intent of the bill was to preserve this freedom.

I cannot believe this amount of expansion would have any appreciable effect on the environment. Consider my home and property. Using data from Zillow…(I will spare you the arithmetic but an expansion 20% would only amount to 3% of the surface area of the lot.) I contend that 3% is negligible. As we say in the instrumentation field it is in the noise level. Though environmental scientists measure some things with (instruments) with resolutions of parts per billion, (for measuring such things as salinity or fecal content of water) the basic accuracy of their instrumentation is on average no better than +5%. ( All measurements have tolerances.) Therefore they cannot measure any effect to 3% even if they could or would measure it.”


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