Testimony of Jackie Rossworn to the Kitsap County Board of Commissioners


Here we are at the end of a long, long journey concerning the Shorelines Management Act passed in 1971. Thirty plus years later Dept of Ecology decides that it might be time to do something about it and the Shoreline Master Program came about. And in 2000 I gave up control of 35 ft of my shoreline. Kitsap County argued that 35ft was perfect to protect the shoreline.

However in the late 1990’s shoreline owners on both side of Rich Passage had to sue WA. State Ferries to stop the horrendous damage being done to property by Fast Foot Ferries going to Seattle. That suit was settled, damages repaired and speed limits imposed. But there was NO money for the damaged shorelines and natural habitat. Kelp beds were torn out and sandy beaches were horribly eroded. Then next came the Sea-Port fast boat moving sailors from Everett to Naval Base Bremerton. They quit running by the time we were gearing up again to sue. Again damage to the shore and natural habitat and bulkheads.

Then comes DoE saying we are going to have the Cities and Counties write and enforce their own Shoreline Master Plans. CAO was implemented to make sure no one could build homes etc without shoreline regulation and damage the shorelines while that process was played out. However (DoE) will tell you what you have to regulate and how and here is the plan we want you to use(you can modify it a bit). Use a Task Force of citizens and we will (DoE) monitor and guide you through the process. Cities and County you write it and you enforce it that way we are not responsible for what you impose. But who said “We will have the science by the time the “Plan” needs to be enforced. Bingo here comes another law suite. And guess what? the science presented so far is laughable. Even the “Hood Canal Science” falls short of protecting oxygen starved fish.

So where do we go from here? Let us spend another couple of Million in man hours and dollars. Let us see if we can create more regulation and really destroy any possible economic or fiscal growth in Kitsap County. After all the testimony is accumulated (County has done it’s job) but it makes absolutely no difference in the minds of a single commissioner.

So what have we gained?


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