Large Turnout for the Final Kitsap County SMP Hearing

It was the second and final hearing by the county commissioners, who are scheduled to begin deliberations Nov. 19. About 100 people attended Monday’s hearing. A major issue brought up during Monday night’s hearing involved the amount of regulation embodied in the proposed shoreline plan and whether additional rules could be justified.

Bob Benze, of Kitsap Alliance of Property Owners, asked why the county commissioners were expanding the government’s power to take away owners’ property rights, given the lack of “any real scientific justification or compensation for the taking.” Benze, who served on the county’s shoreline task force, urged the commissioners to resist attempts by the Washington Department of Ecology to impose further controls on property owners. The proposed shoreline plan calls for fixed buffers for each shoreline designation, but the buffers can be reduced substantially with mitigation measures, such as installing rain gardens or planting natural vegetation.

Read the full Kitsap Sun article here


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