Hood Canal restoration sought for $6.9 million in Navy funding

BANGOR — Does anybody have an old dock he would like to sell? Does the dock happen to be located anywhere near the Navy’s submarine base at Bangor? Under a new mitigation program, the Hood Canal Coordinating Council will use $6.9 million from the Navy to compensate for habitat damage caused by the Navy’s $715-million explosives handling wharf, now under construction at Bangor.

Removing some existing docks in Hood Canal could help compensate directly for damage caused by the new wharf, said Richard Brocksmith, who is leading the mitigation effort for the coordinating council. “I have to try to replace the lost habitats with in-kind,” Brocksmith explained. “I’m looking for subtidal and intertidal projects.” Besides removing old docks, projects under consideration include the removal of shoreline fill, creosote pilings and bulkheads located in tidal areas, he said.

The new wharf, which overlies 6.3 acres of water, will create the greatest environmental impacts in shallow water and along the shoreline, according to studies. Those areas of shoreline will become the highest priority for mitigation projects.

Read the full Kitsap Sun article here


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