With the Election Over, “Forward” Means Moving Ahead with Smart Ocean Planning

Natural Resources Defense Council – in Reviving the World’s Oceans

As our government officials finally move beyond election season rhetoric and preoccupation, it’s time to start looking forward. For our oceans and all those who depend on them, that means continuing down the path of smart, ocean management that will protect important ecological and economic ocean resources now and into the future.

Soon, the National Ocean Council is expected to release its final implementation plan—a blueprint for how we’ll tackle the major threats facing our oceans, from climate change and ocean acidification to pollution and habitat destruction. This includes making our coastal communities more resilient, as we face rising sea levels and destructive weather events like Hurricane Sandy. Government leaders will also soon release a comprehensive handbook for coastal and marine spatial planning—the “air traffic control” principle that can guide us as we continue to develop our oceans.

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