Bremerton Sewage Overflow

Local health officials issued a “no-contact” order for waters around Bremerton and Silverdale after heavy stormwater flows caused a discharge of raw sewage. Sewage mixed with stormwater spilled from four overflow pipes in Port Washington Narrows and one in Sinclair Inlet, said Stuart Whitford of the Kitsap Public Health District.

Total volume estimates were not available Monday, but Whitford said it appeared that more than 100,000 gallons were released altogether. At least 90 percent of that was stormwater mixed with about 10 percent raw sewage, he said.

The health advisory was issued for Port Washington Narrows, Sinclair Inlet and Dyes Inlet. People are urged to stay out of the water and avoid taking shellfish from any of those areas for at least seven days. Warning signs will be posted at public access points.

 Read the full Kitsap Sun Article here


One response to “Bremerton Sewage Overflow

  1. There’s the proof you need to talk about water quality in the Sinclair and Dyes Inlet. It falls squarely on the ongoing problem of City of Bremerton having built and combining both the storm water lines and sewer lines together in the same pipe. It is not taking shoreline property from owners of waterfront, but the city’s problem managing public works and rebuilding their outdated infrastructure.

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