Kitsap shorelines plan ready for approval

PORT ORCHARD — Kitsap County commissioners have completed their deliberations on the county’s proposed Shoreline Master Program and are expected to adopt the planning document Jan. 28. Changes made by the county commissioners were deemed not significant enough to warrant another hearing with public testimony, he said. The Jan. 28 meeting will be for a decision only.

Items discussed at the January 14 Commissioner SMP Working meeting:

  1. Port Gamble specific language removed from the SMP. They have substituted language in the Urban Conservancy section that addresses Community Master plans in LAMRIDS.
  2. Flexibility has been expanded in Urban Conservancy areas to allow buffer reduction to 50 feet, with several provisos. The development can’t be accomplished with in the current buffer requirements and the development restoration must demonstrate net gain in ecological function.
  3. Shoreline Residential Constrained lots Variance Permit will be reviewed in an administrative (Type II) proceeding rather than a Formal Hearings Board proceeding.
  4. Accses, limited view thinning, decks and small boathouses allowed in the buffer aas a water dependent use.

A “redline version” of the changes should be available for review early next week on the county’s shoreline website,, Greetham said. Documents from the deliberations are posted there now.

Read the Kitsap Sun article


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