Kitsap Alliance GMA Testimony to WA State Legislature

The Growth Management Act An Overview And Perspectives

Kitsap Alliance Testimony to the WA State Legislature
Local Government Committee Jan 18 , 2013

The best action the State Legislature could take with respect to GMA is to repeal the act or at least allow counties like Kitsap, Mason, Jefferson, Clallum and others to opt out. It is interesting to note that the State of Florida, one of the first states in the nation to implement growth management controls took action to allow smaller counties and cities to opt out of their growth control legislation. The Florida Legislature took that action in 2011 as a means to foster job growth in the state.

No doubt the governor and key legislatures were looking at places like Texas (a state with no growth control legislation) observing sustained economic vitality in a time when the economy is faltering elsewhere around the nation. California has not yet drawn the correlation between job growth and the negative impacts of growth controls on its statewide economy. It is well known that California is a bankrupt state, with a sustained exodus over a ten year period of business leaving the state due to these growth controls and an inequitable taxation policy.

Without reservation my critique of GMA planning in the context of Kitsap County is that it is nothing short of a cruel joke.

It is no exaggeration to state that GMA planning has cost the citizens of Kitsap County millions of dollars, huge time commitments and great personal sacrifice in lost property rights for very little benefit, if any. There are many problems with GMA too numerous to detail here but a few of the big problems are highlighted herein:

  • Disenfranchisement of Citizens
  • Undercutting County Revenues
  • Lack of Deference for Local Decision Making
  • GMA’s Goal and Supposed Provisions For Affordable Housing Are Ludicrous
  • Mass Transit (real rail transit) is a joke at worst and an illusion at best
  • GMA promotes ever expanding regulation

Read the complete Kitsap Alliance GMA Testimony


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