Mar 13: March on Bainbridge Island City Hall

Critics of the proposed changes have repeatedly made their displeasure known about the proposed regulations that restrict shoreline development. City officials have been bombarded with letters by shoreline property owners and others since work to update the Shoreline Master Program began last year.

Property owners who are unhappy with the proposed update to the city’s Shoreline Master Program decided to hold a march on city hall at a meeting Saturday, March 9 at the Eagle Harbor Church. Some property owners are worried that the updated program will continue the unpopular label of “nonconforming” on structures that were built under old and outdated regulations, and claim the label will hurt their property values. Others have also raised concerns that the new regulations will restrict future development potential, or require trees to be planted in areas that now provide scenic water views. Some have also have said the new rules will prohibit docks and require larger buffer areas.

Youtube Video Non-Conforming? NOT FAIR!

Bainbridge Island Review article

Bainbridge Shoreline Homeowners post


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