Bainbridge should cleanup its street runoff

On Wednesday night DOE held a public hearing on Bainbridge’s SMP.

There were those who said the Bainbridge’s SMP is too complex and needlessly contradictory at 373 pages, especially when compared to Seattle’s SMP at 181, Bellevue at 197 pages, and Kitsap’s SMP at 162. Which city’s uses and environment is more complex; Seattle’s with heavy industrial use, salmon bearing river, major lakes and as well as a population of 650,000, or Bainbridge Island.

Bainbridge’s SMP is not only the longest it is also the most extreme SMP in the state; banning docks and water dependent uses, and requiring trees be planted in the view.

No one disagrees that we should do what we can to correct the Sound’s problems but single-family residential use was not the source of the Sound’s decline and cannot be the solution for the Sound.

Everyone agrees the sources of the Sounds problems are: 1. Stormwater and street runoff, 2. Over fishing by commerical boats, and 3. Blocking spawning habitat with culverts and dams.

The only one of these that is within the control of the City of Bainbridge Island is Stormwater and street runoff.

But Bainbridge’s SMP fails to make any requirement on the Islands largest polluter, the City of Bainbridge Island. Pollution from the roads is the number one source of pollution. This pollution from the roads is on going and the SMP makes no requirements that the City clean up its own mess.

How can that be? Doesn’t the city care about cleaning up the only known and proven source of pollution, street runoff? Doesn’t the city care about protecting the Sound? If you look to the SMP the answer would have to be no.

Tell the DOE Barbara Nightingale to send the SMP back to Bainbridge because: The City failed to have a Public Hearing on the final version of the SMP. The City failed to have a Public Hearing on the final version of the SMP.

  1.  The City failed to have a Public Hearing on the final version of the SMP.
  2.  The City failed to include in the SMP provisions to actively clean up its street runoff pollution, and
  3. The City failed to allow water dependent uses and docks as the SMA intended.

Bainbridge Defense Fund

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