Fast Ferry Final Beach Response Report and Upcoming Field Work

A final version of the beach Response Technical report is available on the website This report evaluates the beach response in Rich Passage to a high speed, low wake passenger ferry, the Rich Passage (RP 1) providing regularly scheduled passenger only service from June 25th through November 2nd of 2012. The research findings presented in the report reflect eight years of data collection, modeling and analysis and conclude that the beach response to RP 1, operated at the 2012 service level, is within seasonal variations observed over the eight years. 

Kitsap Transit will be incorporating the findings and guidelines for operations documented in the report into the business plan and long range strategy for cross sound passenger only ferry (POFF) service. Recognizing the uncertainty of the timing of POFF startup, we have scaled back the intensity of our monitoring to twice per year and we are moving towards more remote monitoring techniques.

The study team will be out on the beaches to conduct fall surveys the week of September 16th as well as the week of September 30th. This work will include laser scanning beach surveys, surveys of beach profiles, gravel tracer measurements, and beach photographic documentation. The information gathered will be used to maintain a continuous record of the beach volume chance seasonally and annually.

Please contact Jessica Cote’ (425) 883-0777 if you have concerns or corrections regarding data collection on your property.


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