Kitsap County SMP Status

The Washington State Department of Ecology has posted  a summary of the comments that they have received from the public on the Kitsap County SMP. The next step is for the county to respond to these comments. There is no time frame given for the county to respond. The DOE website provides current status.

Response to public comment

Ecology prepared a summary of public comments and sent it to Kitsap County in August. The county will write a response to the public’s comments. The county’s response will be posted here when available. Please check back.

Next steps: Ecology’s decision

Ecology will decide if Kitsap County’s proposed program update meets the requirements of the Shoreline Management Act and the Shoreline Master Program Guidelines. Ecology will decide whether to:

  • Approve the program as is or with recommended changes, or
  • Send the proposed program back to the county with required changes to meet statutory and rule requirements. Recommended changes may also be included with the required changes.
  • Relevant documents will be posted on this website when they become available. Please check back.

Staff contact

Joe Burcar
Washington State Department of Ecology
Northwest Regional Office
3190 160th Avenue SE
Bellevue, Washington 98008
(425) 649-7145


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