Commentary: Bainbridge Island SMP Comment Response

City did not respect it citizens enough to respond to SMP comments or make any changes to the SMP


You should be outraged that the City is showing so little respect to people who sent 800+ pages of written comments on the SMP or who spoke at the Public Hearing, by responding with a 6-page summary of a summary.

Now the city has issued a new draft SMP (attached) and scheduled a hearing for Oct. 30, just before the election. There are NO changes to the SMP based on citizen written comments, legal arguments, and oral testimony, save for some changes to the aquaculture section.

Why are they doing this? The answer is – Politics. They are trying to jam this through before the election. Staff should not be playing politics with the SMP or any city business.

Here is the math: Original comments on the SMP = 800+ pages -> DOE Matrix of Comments = 18 pages -> Bainbridge’s Response to DOE Matrix = 6 pages = NO CHANGES TO THE new draft SMP

There is no transcript of the oral comments made at the July31 DOE Public Hearing

The City only responded to the DOE’s 18-page DOE Comment Matrix (Summary) and NOT to the 800+ pages of comments.

People who spoke at the DOE Hearing are only represented by the date (7/31/13) in the DOE Matrix “Summary” of comments.

COBI, for political reasons, has rushed the response to public comments and failed to provide substantive response to your comments and to everyone else who commented on the SMP.

There is no meaningful response to:

  • Linda Young’s 100-page legal analysis
  • Dennis Reynolds’ extensive legal comments,
  • Pacific Legal Foundation’s 11-page legal comment letter, or
  • Yours and my hundreds of pages of comments.

My point is: this is not a substantive or meaningful response to citizen comments and this does not fulfill the legal requirements for citizen participation.

Concerned Bainbridge Island Citizen


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