Kitsap County Forming a Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee

Oct 23 2013   Board of Commissioners Work Study Session Minutes

Comp Plan Update/Planner 3 Discussion – Larry Keeton

Larry said they are asking the Board to provide feedback on the next steps for Kitsap County Comprehensive Plan (Comp Plan) update, including formation of an advisory committee. He said this is the third in a series of discussions with the Board. In this meeting they will:

  •  Report results of the August 14 Work Study
  •  Receive Board concurrence on formation of Comp Plan advisory committee
  •  Review schedule moving forward
  •  Authority to recruit for Planner III to assist with Comp Plan effort.

Dave Greetham discussed formation of an advisory committee. People from the following groups will be located:

  • – Home Builders Association                       – Property Rights
  • – Kitsap County Board of Realtors               – Military
  • – Kitsap Economic Development Alliance     – Food Interests
  • – Tribes                                                        – Recreational Interests
  • – Education                                                 – Land Conservancy Group
  • – Healthcare                                                – Port Interests
  • – Chambers of Commerce                          – Forestry Interests
  • – Education

Commissioner Garrido commented that she wants to see representatives from the human services side not just business. She would also like to see young people involved. Some of the human services advisory groups could give different perspectives, ie Housing Resource Center. Also groups like League of Women Voters and other community groups would definitely be important.

Dave talked about ways to get people involved other than night meetings.

Chair Brown said that in 2006 they saw too many factions advocating for what they want in the Comp Plan. We should appoint people that aren’t there to represent a specific interest organization and find a balance of people. Larry said he agrees and feels we will get a better product. He said he would like the Board to recommend people to sit on the committee. Chair Brown said they could do a public call and the Board can help chose and appoint. He added that they should look at appointments by early February. Commissioner Gelder would like to see the internal review team come together to get started now. Chair Brown said the Board has to consider the relationships with our community councils also

They noted that the process is just as important as the people you put on the committee.


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