Bainbridge Island City Council approves SMP and forwards it to State

BAINBRIDGE ISLAND— The Bainbridge City Council has voted to support its new Shoreline Management Program draft and sent it to the state for approval.

At its Wednesday meeting, the council voted 5-1 for the draft, which includes the majority of required and recommended changes from the state Department of Ecology.

Councilman and Mayor Steve Bonkowski said he voted against the plan because “it’s overreaching and goes well beyond the requirements of no net loss of ecological function.”

Last month, the council imposed a deadline to approve the shoreline program before Kirsten Hytopoulos, Debbi Lester and Bob Scales leave office in December and planned to make only major changes to the document to achieve their goal.

Of the 16 residents who addressed the City Council on Wednesday, only three people complimented the council on how it handled the process. Many were upset with the handling of the program and their opportunities to provide input.

Full Kitsap Sun Article 



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