Opinion: Vote “No” on Port of Poulsbo Expansion

This is not about citizens’ participation; it’s taking more property rights and money from you. If passed:

  • The Port could impose more tax levies on your property.
  • The Port may generate Local Development Improvement District assessments on your property.
  • It would add another governmental entity to pay for.
  • It would add many new Port powers as described in RCW Title 53
  • Read for yourselves on the web site below:

RCW  Title 53 Web site:   http://apps.leg.wa.gov/rcw/default.aspx?cite=53

I went to the Port meeting and found out it’s worse than I thought.

Not only do they believe they are here to help us spend our tax money and make us feel guilty for not being a part of their problems which they caused, but they did not even read or understood the laws they are elected to uphold. WOW!! They spoke as if Poulsbo owns Liberty Bay and we have to be part of them.

The meeting was supposed to be run by 3 elected Port Commissioners but instead it was run by a local editor, who asked for written questions on 3 X 5 cards leaving little opportunity for attendees to comment. But the audience insisted on making comments and were heard.

To make this worse, the Port of Poulsbo wants to:

Build more boat slips, build a hotel, make a cruise ship dock, dredge Liberty Bay, increase seaplane traffic by building a seaplane dock farther out in the bay.  All would create more noise, pollution and congestion.

In short, they need to realize we don’t want to be part of another government entity that acts counter to our wishes, yet takes more of our money.

Voting for expansion of this Port is a gross mistake, and would be irresponsible to our Liberty Bay community.

Vote “NO” to preserve your Property rights and protect Liberty Bay from the Port of Poulsbo

Please forward this to all the voters located on Viking Way NW, Scandia, Virginia Point, Pearson Point and Lemolo areas.

Jim Almond,


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