Oct 2: Title 5 Code Compliance Townhall Meeting

Kitsap Alliance of Property Owners is sponsoring a Town Hall Meeting on Title 5 Code Compliance issues on October 2, 2014 at Crossroads Neighborhood Church, 7555 Old Military Highway NE, Bremerton WA from 6:30 – 8:00PM



One response to “Oct 2: Title 5 Code Compliance Townhall Meeting

  1. Barry C. Williams

    A change from a “Civil Law” proceedings to an “Administrative Law” process. This is a move designed to increase the power of the County Administrators, intimidate property owners and increase the County treasury. Please note that there is no upper limit to what the County can change under “to charge fees for the work of their personnel and to cover the cost of the Hearing”. The burden of proof must always reside with the State/County to ensure an honest hearing.
    Punitive penalties: They certainly are punitive, $1,000 a day per violation. This is intended to simply deprive people of their property rather than giving them an incentive to comply with the code.
    Kitsap County personnel to enter buildings and private property without a “warrant”. Clearly a State and Federal Conational violation. Please see Burden of Proof.
    Holding the consultant accountable along with the building or property owner, assures that no one will ever provide evidence counter to the Counties view of the situation.

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