Aug 28: Marcus Carter is our Dinner Speaker

Our guest for dinner on August 28th 2014 is Marcus Carter Executive Director of the Kitsap Rifle and Revolver Club (KRRC).

KRRCKitsap Rifle & Revolver Club owns 70+ acres of land located next to a Navy/Marine Corps training range, Camp Wesley Harris, and Kitsap County Parks and Recreation land, and has been in existence since 1926.

There have been a continuing series of lawsuits brought by the county against KRCC for about 15 years. Recently the County has been using land use issues in an attempt to shutdown KRRC, and rewrite the County’s Gun Range ordinance.

He will be talking about his recent problem with putting gravel on a driveway at KRRC and how the Hearing Examiner came to his conclusions. KRRC had to go before the Hearing Examiner again because DCD director Larry Keaton and the Examiner couldn’t agree in their findings. How was the Gun Club affected?

Marcus Carter will speak with us after dinner. Please join us at 5:30 PM on August 28th at McCloud’s Grill House, 2901 Perry Ave, Bremerton, WA.98310. Questions? Call Jackie (360) 990-1088. Bring a friend. No reservations, order your dinner and sit down with us for a great evening.


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