Opinion: Don’t give away our local control

If refunding $300,000.00 to the feds will save our citizens’ waterfront homes where do I send a check? (“Trail runs low on viable options,” Aug. 14) I can’t write a check for $300,000, but I can send $25 or $5 or $10 or just a dollar if that’s all I’ve got. I’m sure our citizens would chip in too. Let’s send a message to the feds and state bureaucrats and the Puget Sound Regional Council that they better not mess with Port Orchard. And send a message to our local “no guts” elected officials that they better start doing their job.

In my view local elected officials are citizens’ first line of defense against a too powerful federal and state government and other intruders such as the Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC). The PSRC has been doing the planning for all four cities and Kitsap County. Located in a building on the fifth floor of a building on Western Ave in Seattle, staff cranks out utopian dreams of how they think people should live. They’ve been working on their “Vision 2040” and companion transportation plan for about a decade. What is this plan that citizens know nothing about? Pack people in high rises — expand up, not out — ride bicycles or walk to work. How are they going to achieve this? Give local officials grant money with strings attached.

Check it out yourself at http://www.psrc.org. Our local officials are losing (giving it away) their autonomy and giving away citizens’ clout as voters and taxpayers.

Vivian Henderson
Port Orchard



Vivian Henderson, Port Orchard


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