Opinion: Public opinion does exists for conservation projects

The report concerning the acquisition of additional lands to annex to the Stavis Bay Natural Resource conservation Area (“New program makes first buy,” Aug. 22) and the cited lack of public concern was both misleading and incorrect.

Since the initial exposure by the state to transform the Stavis Bay area property to a “no public access” conservation area, to spend limited tax dollars to purchase and then expand the area, and to take the land off the tax rolls, there has been public concern and comment. For DNR representative Kelly Heintz to believe that “early opposition to the concept of protecting the environmentally sensitive area has largely disappeared” is nonsense. Heintz never successfully answered the initial questions about what creation of the NRCA was necessary or why exclusion of the public from the property was essential. Need for the acquisition and addition of an additional 900 acres, including Hood Canal waterfront property, has not been explained or justified.

Have no doubt, the public is still aware of DNR abuse of their perceived power and we remain concerned about the environmental policies of this government. Ignoring our objections and input is not the same as opposition disappearing. We are still here. We still object.

Jack Hamilton, Silverdale


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