Opinion: PSRC pushes out local representation

I would like to thank Larry Croix for his letter in Kitsap Sun (“Vote for local control in government,” Oct. 2) urging voters to carefully consider their choices when casting their vote.

Mr. Croix is very concerned about the unprecedented power our state and federal governments are amassing. So am I. Even worse, it is the bureaucrats — particularly the Department of Ecology — that are wielding the power they constitutionally do not have. It is very demoralizing to watch our county commissioners (and other elected officials) kowtowing to a 32-year-old from Ecology who is no more than an employee.

The point must be made as clear as possible. It is the responsibility of each citizen to take heed, verify the information available to you and use your influence and clout as a voter and taxpayer while you still have it. Plainly put, local elected officials in Kitsap County have been gradually allowing the Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC), headquartered in Seattle, to usurp the political power we, as voters, have given them.

This is an issue that rises above property rights, or liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican. This is an issue of whether Kitsap County and its cities want to continue to be governed by those we elect here locally. Do we want to turn our autonomy over to a regional body out of Seattle? Kitsap County has 3 percent standing in PSRC decision making. King County has 57 percent.
Think about it. Learn more at www.psrc.org.

Vivian Henderson
Port Orchard


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