Kitsap County Code Compliance Ordinance Town Hall meeting is on BKAT

Kitsap County is proposing new regulations for land use code enforcement. Many people feel the proposal, known as Title 5, gives County staff greatly increased power at the expense of the rights of private property owners.

On Oct. 2, the Kistap Alliance of Property Owners, along with other concerned groups, held a 2 hour town hall meeting to discuss Title 5. If you were not able to attend, replays of the meeting will be shown on Bremerton-Kitsap Access Television (BKAT )at the following times:

  •  Oct. 18                      1:00   pm
  • Oct 24                       10:00 pm
  • Oct 27                       2:00   pm
  • Nov 5                       10:00  am

BKAT telecasts are available through both television and internet. Television telecasts are broadcast on Comcast Channel 12 and WAVE Broadband channel 3. For those who do not have these television service providers, telecasts are also streamed live on the internet at :

At this web address you will see a television window under the words “Welcome to BKAT” – the telecast will be shown on this window (it may take a minute for the internet stream to load – there is a volume slider and an arrow to make the image full-screen on the right of the television window).

Please take a look. This is an important issue.


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