Shoreline Property Owners Take Action!

Kitsap County’s Shoreline Master Program (SMP) was approved by the WA Dept. of Ecology on December 10th, 2014. The effective date is December 24th, 2014.

It is important for all shoreline property owners to document/ photograph the current condition of your shoreline, to establish a baseline condition for no net loss.

22.400.120 Vegetation Conservation Buffers
A General Regulations
1. Vegetation conservation buffers provide a means to conserve, protect and restore shoreline vegetation in order to provide for ecological and habitat functions as well as human health and safety. Buffers shall consist of a non-clearing area established to protect the integrity, functions and values of the affected critical area or shoreline, but may also be modified and reduced to accommodate allowed uses when consistent with the Act and this Program. The standards below provide a flexible approach to maximize both ecological functions and water-dependent uses.
2. Vegetation conservation standards shall not be applied retroactively in a way which requires lawfully existing uses and developments (as of the effective date of this Program), including residential landscaping and gardens, to be removed, except when required as mitigation for new or expanded development.

Beach Vegetation




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