Kitsap County Developing an Agriculture Code


2015 Agriculture Code

Kitsap County is updating Kitsap County Code Title 17 to include agriculture code. A cooperative planning effort continues with countywide subject matter experts and individuals. The purpose of this effort is to create a new agriculture code resulting in increased predictability and flexibility for farming operations and residents within Kitsap County.


Planning commissioners began discussion of the new code during their meeting on May 19 and held a Public Hearing on July 7 to review the proposed Agriculture Code.

The commission will take written comments on the code through Tuesday July 14. For information, go to or email Gurnee at

Due to schedule conflicts and attendance the Agriculture Code Update Planning Commission deliberation session scheduled for August 18, 2015 at 5:30 pm has been postponed to September 1, 2015 at 5:30pm in the Commissioner Chambers in the County Administration building.

Work Study Background Information

Major Elements of the preliminary draft Agriculture Code:
Purpose Statement The purpose of this section is to:
1) Encourage agricultural commerce in rural Kitsap County;
2) Provide clear legislative authority for rural land owners to engage in agricultural uses, accessory agricultural and agritourism uses and agricultural activities;
3) Protect and promote agriculture as an important component of the Kitsap County economy;
4) Educate visitors about Kitsap County agricultural heritage;
5) Empower farmers and other rural land owners to continue or start new businesses that support and highlight the importance of local agriculture;
6) Provide a platform for agritourism in Kitsap County that permits visitors to experience the value of local agricultural lands to our culture, economy, landscape and local food supply; and
7) Encourage the conservation of lands which have the growing capacity, productivity, soil composition, and surrounding land use to have long-term commercial significance for agriculture and associated resource production.


Agricultural uses, agricultural activities, and accessory agricultural uses are allowed in the following zones and protected in the Right to Farm provision (section: Right to Farm): Rural Residential (RR), Rural Protection (RP), Rural Wooded (RW), and Forest Resource Lands (FRL).

Agricultural Use Standards
Livestock and Dairy Management
Agriculture Structure Requirements
Wineries, Breweries, and Distilleries
Assembly Events
Legal Non-Conforming Agricultural Uses
Right to Farm and Notifications

Comments/Questions If you were unable to submit your feedback please remit your comments to the following email address:


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