June 25: Dinner Speaker Mr Jon Rose Olympic Resources Management Group

KAPO Dinner Speaker for June 25, 2015@ 5:30 PM

Rose_Jon_croppedPlease join us on Thursday night and listen to Mr Jon Rose of Olympic Resources Management Group  discuss the Port Gamble Development Master Plan, Current projects for  Reclamation of Port Gamble and Port Gamble Bay.

Prior to joining ORM in 1996, he worked as a licensed professional civil engineer for Pac-Tech Engineering. Along with office management and marketing, his primary role with Pac-Tech was as planner and civil engineer working on the permit approval, design, and construction management of residential, commercial, and municipal development projects. He is the current President of Olympic Property Group.  Mr. Rose continues to be the Company’s point person for development projects in Jefferson, Kitsap and Pierce counties. He has a B.S. in Civil engineering from the University of Vermont and a B.A. in General Studies from the University of Washington.

Join us for dinner June 25th at McCouds Grill House, 2901 Perry Ave.  Bremerton, WA. 98310, at 5:30 pm.  No RSVP Bring a friend.  We love visitors.  Questions? Contact, Jackie (360) 990-1088. rosswornjr@wavecable.com


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