Oct 29: Dinner Speaker Brian Hodges Pacific Legal Foundation

Kitsap Alliance October. 29, 2015 Dinner Meeting is at 5:30 pm. at McCloud’s Grill House 2901 Perry Ave, Bremerton, WA. 98310. Our speaker is Brian Hodges of Pacific Legal Foundation (PLF). Brian was unable to attend the September meeting and has rescheduled to speak at the October meeting.

Brian Hodges PLFBrian T. Hodges is the managing attorney of PLF’s Northwest center. He is a strong proponent of individual and property rights and actively litigates in the areas of regulatory takings, due process, land use, water law, environmental law, growth management, Indian law, and administrative law. He was Lead Attorney for KAPO’s law suit against Kitsap County for the Critical Areas Ordinance (CAO)  in 2006.

Mr. Hodges will be up-dating us on land issues and what is going on in other jurisdictions. What has changed and what may we expect? Kitsap County will be up-dating the CAO in 2016. We need to be prepared. Order your dinner and enjoy an evening of information. Bring a friend. And share your concerns. Thank you. Jackie Rossworn (360) 990-1088


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