Opinion: Administrative Law Abuses

Did you know that in 1988 the Washington State legislature totally and forever changed our State Constitution without the consent of the People?

The Constitution specifies all laws are to be written and passed by the Legislature.   But since 1988, unelected bureaucrats write 90% of our laws; and many created by the Legislature are “Title Only”, leaving the agency to write the body.   While this is faster and easier, it removes control from citizens, with no accountability on politicians.

Remember the “balance of powers” protection in the U.S. Constitution? Under Administrative Law (created by agencies) balance between the executive, legislative and judicial is eliminated.   Agencies appoint their own judges, who are employees of that agency.

Our Constitution specifically prohibited combining powers, because, as Presidents Jefferson and Madison both noted, “combining the executive, legislative, and judicial powers would become the very definition of tyranny.”

Why should you care?

Because under Administrative Law, you are presumed guilty; you must prove innocence.   Privacy on your own property has evaporated; government officials can walk around your land, without your consent or a warrant, searching for code violations.   To appeal, you appear before the agency’s own appointed “judge”, who decides what evidence to include in his/her decision-making process.

This insidious authority granted to unelected bureaucrats destroys freedom and usurps safeguards set by our Constitution.   Citizens need to monitor what elected officials are doing and demand they regain authority and undo unconstitutional regulations.

Let’s return to a government of, by and for the People.

Carrie Riplinger


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