County alerts property owners of potential zoning changes

(Port Orchard, WA) – The Kitsap County Department of Community Development has mailed postcards to area property owners who may see their zoning change, or may see neighboring zoning changes, as part of the Comprehensive Plan Update.

“Kitsap County is a fantastic place to live. We know it. As a result, the County is working hard to prepare plans on how best to accommodate growth over the next 20 years. This requires us to look at options that are not only cost-effective but also balance multiple perspectives from different housing options to protection of the environment we enjoy every day. All of these factors must be within parameters of the Washington State Growth Management Act,” said Commissioner Ed Wolfe. “If you receive a postcard from Kitsap County regarding the Comprehensive Plan Update and potential zoning changes, we encourage you to visit our website, view the proposed preferred zoning alternative map and contact County staff if you have questions or concerns,” he added.

The Kitsap County Comprehensive Plan update is required to be completed by June 2016. A draft plan with three land-use alternatives was issued for public comment in November 2015. Based on input received from the public, County staff recommended a preferred land-use (zoning) alternative to the Board of County Commissioners. This map is now available at

Property owners that may be impacted are receiving an orange postcard. There are three main types of impacts property owners can anticipate:

Zones being suggested for changes to increase density, that is, to allow more dwelling units per acre.

Zones being suggested for changes to decrease density, generally to avoid development in critical areas and protect rural areas.

Commercial zones being “collapsed” from eight zones to four zones in order to encourage a greater mix of uses within commercial areas.

County Staff are also reviewing individual applications for zoning changes. Neighbors near these land-reclassification request subject properties are receiving a white postcard explaining the potential changes to a property within 400 to 800 feet of their property.

Public hearings on the overall Comprehensive Plan update are currently being scheduled for April through June, 2016.

For more information, contact, visit or phone the Department of Community Development at 360.337.5777.


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