Apr 13: Kitsap County Agriculture Code update

The Board of Commissioner Agriculture Code Work Study #5 will be held at 9:30 am on April 13, 2016 in the Port Blakely room of the Kitsap County Administration Building.

Kitsap County is updating Kitsap County Code Title 17 to include agriculture code.  A cooperative planning effort continues with countywide subject matter experts and individuals.  The purpose of this effort is to create a new agriculture code resulting in increased predictability and flexibility for farming operations and residents within Kitsap County.

  • The Planning Commission held two work study sessions, one public hearing, and two deliberation sessions and has approved a planning commission draft for review by the Board

Adds zoning requirement to prohibit livestock when it is not consistent with the intent of a zone. Typically prohibits livestock in areas zoned for higher density residential settings.

Right to Farm and Notifications

The purpose of this section is to promote public health, safety, and welfare, to support and encourage continued and new agricultural operations in the County, and to provide the residents of the county proper notification of the county’s recognition and support of farming activities. This section is not intended to modify or abridge State nuisance laws, but is to be used in the interpretation and enforcement of the provisions of this Code and County regulations.

Right to farm provisions shall apply to commercial farms or parcels located outside an Urban Growth Area where agricultural uses are allowed.

  • 1)  Nuisance.
    • a)  Agricultural activities associated with an accessory agricultural use which directly supports a primary agricultural use on the property, that are consistent with good agricultural practices and conducted on land where agriculture is a permitted use are presumed to be reasonable and shall not be found to constitute a nuisance unless the activity has a substantial adverse effect on the public health and safety.
    • b)  If those agricultural activities are undertaken in conformity with all applicable laws and rules, then the activities are presumed to be good agricultural practices not adversely affecting the public health and safety and such activities shall not constitute a nuisance for purposes of this section. Agricultural activities that are in conformity with such laws and rules shall not be restricted as to the hours of the day or day or days of the week during which it may be conducted. Nothing in this section shall affect or impair any right to sue for damages.


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