Opinion: Kitsap County Comprehensive Plan Update

The Comprehensive Plan Update that is on the Kitsap County Website today is far from complete. What is presented is only half of a plan. It describes the Goals and Policies but is missing the most important part, Execution. No plan is complete if it doesn’t address how it is to be performed and when.

What we see in 2 years of effort is just the first step in the planning process. Establishing Goals and Policies must lead to an implementation plan (Strategy) to accomplish the Goals. Each Goal must have a series of tasks directed toward its achievement. The Goals must then be prioritized and resources allocated to their completion. Next a Timeline must be established, and method of tracking its progress established. Without the remainder of the plan, we are just going through the motions and wasting everyone’s time and effort.

Question: When will we see the rest of the plan?

As an example:

Economic Development has 9 Goals and 46 policies with 3 strategies (All place holders)  The actions  can be summarized as: Review the Buildable Lands Report, Partner With KEDA, and use other peoples money.

The entire County Economic Development Plan for the next 20 years is quoted below:

Economic Development Strategies
Strategy 1 – Business Climate support policies placeholder
Partnerships: In partnership with other jurisdictions, ports and agencies, review Buildable Lands Report in terms of targeted industry sector growth and utilize land use map for future growth, development and re-development.
Partnerships: Continue to strengthen partnerships to improve and expand healthy local food access.
Finance and Budget: Continue multi-agency and jurisdiction with private sector funding of designated ADO (Associate Development Organization), i.e. Kitsap Economic Development Alliance (KEDA) that is the economic development agency for all jurisdictions, with planned increases as deemed necessary to maintain and/or create programs for business growth in the county.
Program and Projects: Utilizing the ADO and other partner agencies and organizations, update, revise or create policies and programs as warranted to support target industry sectors.

Strategy 2 – Support Local Businesses to Grow
support policies placeholder
Please see KEDA work plan.

Strategy 3 – Recruit New Businesses
support policies placeholder
Please see KEDA work plan.”

Alan Beam

Presented at the Kitsap County Board of Commissioners Meeting Apr 11, 2016


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