Opinion: Kitsap County Comprehensive Plan

Testimony to the Planning Commission Hearing on the Kitsap County Comprehensive Plan on May 10,2016

I remember years ago the State trying to pass GMA and it being voted down by over 60% of the registered voters. But it was then resurrected by the House and Senate and voted on by the politicians and the Governor on April 1, 1991 with no regard to the peoples vote.

So how far have we come since then?

Local government through the years has been required to perform various updates to their Comp Plan (Comprehensive Plan) each cycle enforcing stricter regulations that are now entering into private businesses and private homes. I believe we are at the crossroads of reasonable regulation and staff empire building with little or no oversight review as to the Constitutionality and sensibility of the changes. The example I am presenting is the South Bethel Corridor.

When the County starts picking winners and losers by harsh and unfair changes in land use you defeat all the reasons for GMA and the Comp Plan. The South Bethel Corridor was dedicated years ago and people sold and bought property per that plan. Those that wanted to start a business then bought at higher prices because of the Commercial changes that happened. They (the investors) then looked to the future. Now you are changing that designation devaluing property by re-zoning. Why would anyone want to deal with Kitsap County?  Who will the next changes hurt? Or will Kitsap County get a real and viable Comp Plan instead of a disconnected scramble to meet a deadline that could be extended.

The solution to the current problem is to return the South Bethel Corridor back to Commercial by giving back what you have taken away to promote the “City of Silverdale “.

Shame on you.

Jackie Rossworn
Executive Director
Kitsap Alliance of Property Owners


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