Subjects not adequately addressed in the Comprehensive Plan update

There are several important concepts introduced by reference in the main body of the plan that are not explained and expanded on. References need hyperlinks.

  1. Land Use Policy 10. Measure, adopt and implement reasonable measures if the Buildable Lands Report finds inconsistencies in planned growth.

This is code which means the Growth Management Hearings Board is forcing the county to measure adopt and implement ‘ Reasonable measures to force growth into the cities to achieve “The current target is focused on directing 76 percent of growth into the Urban Growth Areas and the remaining 24 percent into the rural areas. Once the 76 percent target is reached, it is reset to 84 to 16 Urban Growth Area to rural respectively. “ The Hearings board is also forcing the county to minimize the area encompassed by the Urban growth Areas (UGA’s) and has set allowed density targets.

  1. Land Use Policy 22. Address the issues related to the association of unincorporated Urban Growth Areas with their corresponding incorporated cities, consistent with the CPPs. The following unincorporated Urban Growth Areas are currently associated: Poulsbo (City of Poulsbo), East Bremerton (City of Bremerton), West Bremerton (City of Bremerton), Gorst (City of Bremerton), South Kitsap Industrial Area Urban Growth Area (City of Bremerton), ULID #6/McCormick Urban Growth Area (City of Port Orchard) and South Kitsap/Port Orchard (City of Port Orchard).

Land Use Policy 24. With special consideration to the fact Central Kitsap Urban Growth Area is unassociated with a city, work with the City of Bremerton on development of an Urban Growth Management Agreement for the future of the Central Kitsap Urban Growth Area.

The land use policies do not address the establishment of the Silverdale Regional Center directed by PSRC Vision 2040. There is no discussion of establishment of the PSRC Silverdale Regional Center and its subsequent incorporation as a city in the Man body of the Plan. The concept is buried in the Silverdale Sub area plan. This is important since much of the county growth is directed toward Silverdale.

No goals are established to actually incorporate the UGA’s.

  1. Land Use Policy 30. Maintain consistency with Countywide Planning Policies regarding growth targeting.

The Countywide Planning policies are not found on the county website.

  1. Transportation Goal 8. Coordinate with Washington State Department of Transportation and Kitsap Transit to ensure that the marine transportation system meets commuter, commercial, industrial and recreational demands in the most efficient and reliable manner possible.

Transportation Policy 31. Coordinate with Washington State Department of Transportation and Kitsap Transit to integrate ferry service access with County roads.

The Marine Transportation Plan lacks vision for a 20 year planning document. Marine Transportation (ferries) have a major impact on the development and economy of Kitsap County. There is no discussion of the development of a passenger fast ferry system ( There is no discussion of the possibility of a Marine transportation system that would interconnect the various Kitsap cities (e.g. Mosquito Fleet). The only thing addressed county road access.

  1. Transportation Goal 10. Develop funding strategies and financing plan to meet transportation needs identified in this comprehensive plan.

Transportation Policy 38. Allocate a proportion of the transportation budget for pedestrian and bicycling facilities.

Only addresses Transportation impact fees and pedestrian and bicycling facilities.

  1. Parks and Recreation 6-year Capital Facilities Plan CFP)

The referenced 6 year plan is only a budget spreadsheet.

  1. Forest Stewardship Plan

The referenced plan expires in 2016

  1. Technical documents used in development of Chapter 7 – Capital Facilities include the inventory of current public capital facilities in the Capital Facilities Plan, reasonable measures included in the Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement, level of service standards, concurrency requirements, and review of all amendments to the Washington State Growth Management Act.
  2. These documents are not hyperlinked in Chapter 7.
  3. The Final EIS (384 pages) released in April does not include the 5 Appendixes, or indication of changes.
  4. The Buildable Land report posted on the county website is the 2014 version.

The “Adopted Reasonable Measures” does not include the current version of Reasonable Measures and is in fact a draft Matrix.

  1. CapF and Utilities Policy 5. Continuously review stormwater regulations and design manuals to ensure that Kitsap County is meeting the most up-to-date Best Management Practices and changes in state and federal stormwater regulations.

Open ended incorporation of all state and federal stormwater regulations and best practice without references.

  1. CapF and Utilities Policy 16. Require urban-level sanitary sewer service or equivalent service in all Urban Growth Areas.

How is this to be accomplished? This is in direct conflict with:

CapF and Utilities Policy 22. Allow for amendments to the Land Use Map, Plan policies, and implementing regulations consistent with Growth Management Act, Countywide Planning Policies, applicable plan policies and other requirements of federal, state and/or local laws. Specifically, evaluate the use of alternative sewage treatment techniques in areas within the Urban Growth Area that contain a significant concentration of critical areas, topographic challenges or critical aquifer recharge areas.

  1. CapF and Utilities Policy 30. Participate in regional efforts to achieve Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs) for local water bodies as required by the Clean Water Act. Take steps to reduce nonpoint sources of pollution to Puget Sound and other water bodies to achieve compliance.

Open ended incorporation of requirement without reference

  1. For information on strategies, please see Capital Facilities Plan Draft. Please find copy at

The Capital Facilities plan references itself.

  1. Kingston Policy 1. Encourage the development of state-of-the-art telecommunication infrastructure to serve the Kingston Urban Growth Area.

Why Kingston? Where is this addressed for the rest of the county?

  1. Kingston Policy 14. Participate in the West Sound Watersheds Council and support Puget Sound Salmon Recovery programs.

Open ended incorporation of requirement without reference

  1. SRC Policy 1. Meet the Puget Sound Regional Council requirements necessary to maintain the Regional Growth Center Designation for Silverdale.

Open ended incorporation of requirement without reference

  1. SRC Policy 55. Encourage buildings and infrastructure in the public and private sectors which:

Use recycled water to reduce consumption of potable water;

Open ended incorporation of requirement without reference

  1. SRC Policy 61. Work with Puget Sound Energy to expand participation in the Green Power Program.

Open ended incorporation of requirement without reference

  1. Gorst Policy 3. Coordinate County and City shoreline regulations and restoration plans along Gorst Creek and Sinclair Inlet to provide adequate protection and incorporate best management practices based on the Watershed Characterization Study.

Open ended incorporation of requirement without reference

  1. Gorst Policy 4. Require enhanced water quality consistent with the Sinclair Inlet Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDL) (USEPA 2012) throughout the watershed and UGA. Reduction of impervious surfaces and onsite treatment of stormwater should be required in accordance with best management practices specified in the 2012 Stormwater Management Manual for Western Washington (Ecology 2012), or its equivalent or successor, with a preference for infiltration to reduce fecal coliform.

Open ended incorporation of requirement without reference

Revised Zoning Code 17 dated Apr 28, 2016 273 pages submitted to the 10 May Planning Commission




















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