Issues Not Covered in the Kitsap County Comprehensive Plan

There were several issues that should be in a 20 year planning document that aren’t addressed in the Kitsap County Comprehensive Plan Update.

Land Use

  1. Silverdale Regional Center The main body of the comprehensive plan fails to address the development of Silverdale as a Regional Center. Regional Centers are a concept developed by the Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC). This UGA is not adjacent to a city and is planned as an area of intense development and population growth in the Countywide Planning Policies. Although addressed in the Silverdale Subarea Plan, I recommend that it deserves discussion of the County’s intent in the main body of the plan .
  2. South Kitsap Industrial Area (SKIA) PSRC designates SKIA as a Manufacturing Industrial Center and has a separate checklist for their review (

Where is the Regional Manufacturing center and it’s requirements addressed in the Comprehensive Plan?

Port Gamble Port Gamble is the only LAMRID not addressed in plan. All the others are addressed with a neighborhood plan. As a Historic Town I believe it should be addressed in the main body of the plan and have its own Neighborhood plan.


  1. Ferries
    1. Fast Passenger Ferries Kitsap transit is developing a ballet issue to re-establish fast ferry service to Seattle. Whether or not this is successful, passenger ferries should be part of the County’s plan for the next 20 years.
    2. City to City Ferries Transportation Goal 3. Provide a transportation system that will expand and improve multi-modal transportation service for economic development and effective and appropriate routes for commerce and national defense.

The only vestigial system we have is the Port Orchard to Bremerton commuter ferry. There should be a strategy to investigate a “Mosquito Fleet” system for intercity transportation. We had a example of this that ran in the summer between Bremerton and Poulsbo.

Rail Road The Navy has a rail spur connected to Shelton. There is no mention of exploiting it other than hauling garbage.

Capital Facilities Plan


  1. Strategies The Capital Facilities Plan referenced is primarily a Level of Service (LOS) analysis and Budget concentrating on the next 6 years.
  2. Recycled Water The county established the Water as a Resource It is not addressed in the Capital Facilities Plan. If the county is serious about this there should be policies and strategies to accomplish this. Developing a purple pipe system to distribute recycled water needs to be installed when developments are built not as an after thought. It should be a required element in development masterplans.

Plan Execution

The strategies provided do not lead to an executable plan that establishes priorities allocates resources and monitors execution of the Goals and Policies. The entire plan needs a review for executablity.


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