Opinion: Kitsap County Comprehensive Plan Public Participation

Public Participation – Through out the Comprehensive Plan Review process I have tried diligently to make comments and observations to improve the process and product. I have attended all but one of the open houses. I have met with DCD staff, the DCD director, and personally with each of the commissioners. I have provided oral testimony, at Board of Commissioner meetings, and Open houses. Along the way I have submitted numerous written comments covering such topics as:

  • Incorporating numerous programs by reference without discussion or links
  • The repeated publication of undated versions of various documents immediately before major review milestones with little or no indication of what changes were made; requiring detailed reviews with inadequate time
  • The inadequacy of the Comp Plan Economic Development Plan
  • The lack of discussion in the Land Use section of the three Regional Growth Centers designated by PSRC (Silverdale Regional Center, Bremerton Regional Center and the South Kitsap Industrial Area Manufacturing and Industrial Center).
  • The lack of discussion or sub area plan for the historic town of Port Gamble
  • The lack of discussion of passenger ferry plans
  • The lack of discussion of Recycled water (Purple Piping) plans
  • The Comp plan lacks of an execution strategy. There is no action plan for execution. The strategies do not support the goals and policies.

Posting Citizen comments serves two functions. It informs the responsible parties of citizen’s views and it also serves to inform the general public of viewpoints outside of what the staff has written. It was particularly disappointing and frustrating to me when these comments were reduced to three words: “Recommendations on Strategies”, and no apparent action was taken.

Public Comments published on the Website 3 June before the 6 June Open House

  • Comments are undated.
  • Only one comment made it to the matrix
  • My (Comment # 9) summary not recognizable. “Recommendations on strategies”
  • Posted link to comment does not function
  • Staff comment more discussion required
  • Planning Commission – “No action”

Alan Beam June 6, 2016


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