KAPO Objections to the Kitsap County Comprehensive Plan

KITSAP ALLIANCE OF PROPERTY OWNERS objects to the 2016 Kitsap County Comprehensive Plan for the following reasons:

1. Lack of an interactive plan development process with citizens of the county.

“The small landholders are the most precious part of a state.” – Thomas Jefferson

2. Issuance of drafts of the plan documents that are undated, hard to find on the County’s website and improperly advertised.

3. Inclusion of County-wide Planning Policies that have not had public scrutiny as in no prior discussion or debate about the merits of the policies.

4. Inclusion of the Puget Sound Regional Council’s Vision 2040 Plan policies and provisions and Transportation 2040 Plan policies and provisions.

5. Creation of a “Regional Growth Center” classification of Silverdale without prior discussion with the County residents at large of the implications for such classification on the rest of Kitsap County.

6. Creation of Title 17 (Zoning Ordinance) amendments that have had no vetting with the public other than introductory categories.

7. Refinement /update to the ”Reasonable Measures” Appendix E of the Buildable Lands Report without proper notice to the citizens of Kitsap County or allowance for timely review and discussion prior to public hearing consideration by the Kitsap County Planning Commission.

8. Formula based planning that is in fact “growth control” planning and a “top down” process designed by the arrogance of government to minimize the individual citizen.

9. Policies that are onerous, ill-defined, and counter-productive.

10. Inadequate Capital Facilities Planning.

11. Inadequate provisions for “Affordable Housing.”

12. Lack of any provisions to protect “Private Property.”

13. Failure of the Plan Update to address a GMA compliant Economic Development Element

14. Lack of Inspiration

Read the Entire Letter  Ltr-KAPO To BCC-CompPln 6-13-16


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