County Commissioners in the final stages of passing the Comprehensive Plan and the Agriculture Code

The Kitsap County Commissioners will consider final revisions to the Kitsap County Comprehensive Plan Update and the New agricultural Code at their regularly Scheduled Meeting June 27, 2016; to held in the Commissioner’s Chamber at the County Admin building 610 Division street, Port Orchard WA at 5:30 PM.

These Agenda articles were posted on Friday Jun 25  at 2:25 PM. They can be found at:

Resolution amending the 2015 Building Lands Report to review Appendix E (Identification of Reasonable Measures) and add the “Reasonable Measures Annual Monitoring Report” for the period of January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2012. Fiscal Impact: N/A. Staff Contact: David Greetham, 337-4641

Public Hearing to consider an Ordinance amending the Kitsap County Comprehensive Plan. Fiscal Impact: N/A. Staff Contact: David Greetham, 337-4641. Visit for more information.

Public Hearing to consider an Ordinance adopting Kitsap County Code Title 17.455 ‘Agriculture Code’, repealing and replacing former specific language within various sections of Kitsap County Code Title 17 ‘Zoning’, and making corresponding amendments to Title 17 ‘Zoning’. Fiscal Impact: N/A. Staff Contact: Darren Gurnee, 337-5777.

KAPO Comments:

A summary of changes was posted at the close of  business 2:25 Friday June 24, 2016 before a Monday 5:30 June 27 Commissioners meeting. The revised document was not posted, which makes it difficult/impossible to review.
  1. Is there a reason only the change summary was posted?
  2. When do we get to see the document? And where?
  1. Only the Change Summary was published
  2. There is no discussion of the Subarea Plan for the Port Gamble Lamrid
  3. The Land Use policies do not address the PSRC Silverdale Regional Center or the South Kitsap Industrial and Manufacturing center
  4. The document deals with policy. There is little attention to strategy and the development of an execution plan to support these policies.
  5. Where is the PSRC Vision 2040 concept of “no net loss of agricultural Lands” discussed?  This is a new concept not brought forth in previous discussions. (“100.  Add: Land Use Strategy — On a periodic basis review no-net-loss of agriculture lands regarding consistency with PSRC Vision 2040”)
  6. The June Comment Matrix is not published on the Comprehensive Plan Update Website
  7. The Final Version of the Comprehensive Plan Update published on the website is an April version.

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