Jul 11: Kitsap County Agriculture Code Update BOC Hearing

Kitsap County is updating Kitsap County Code Title 17 to include agriculture code.  A cooperative planning effort continues with countywide subject matter experts and individuals.  The purpose of this effort is to create a new agriculture code resulting in increased predictability and flexibility for farming operations and residents within Kitsap County.

At the June 27, 2016 Agriculture Code public hearing, the Board of County Commissioners extended the written public comment period to July 6, 2016. All comments must be received, not postmarked, at or before the close of business on Wednesday, July 6. Please send all email comments to Darren Gurnee, Planner (dgurnee@co.kitsap.wa.us).

On July 11, 2016 the Board of County Commissioners will meet for the purposes of discussion and deliberation only with regards to the Agriculture Code and feedback received.

For additional details on the Kitsap County Agricultural Update.


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