Opinion: Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) Vision 2040

Have you ever seen the 1988 movie “The Truman Show”?   Jim Carrey plays a hapless fellow who has been beguiled all of his life into believing he lives in a perfect world.  Every detail of Truman’s life and every move Truman makes is captured by hidden cameras.  Christof (Ed Harris), the creator of Truman’s make-believe perfect world can whip up a thunderstorm or a full moon on command. . It’s as though it was taken from Puget Sound  Regional  Council   (PSRC) playbook  “Vision 2040”.

Vision 2040 is the foundation of Kitsap County’s  2016  Comprehensive Plan. Vision 2040 is a dream developed by planners who really  believe they know what is best for us. They operate from a building on Western Ave in Seattle with about 60 employees and a biennial budget of  $30,400,000.00. (taxpayers’ money).

Vision 2040 is not just some “feel good about the environment” thing. It is a serious set of regulations and  laws  that will control people’s lives getting them out of their cars, packing  people into urban centers, limiting their choices, developing food policies and agriculture practices for  healthy communities. Obesity, you know.

I  have  attended  many PSRC meetings in Seattle. I’ve made many appeals to our local government , county commissioners, mayors and  city council members. Just telling them what I think and what my concerns are; i.e. how can every motion  pass unanimously?

The manipulator  of Kitsap County and our cities is the great and powerful PSRC. From there  they pull the strings that manipulate governments and citizens of the four county region- Kitsap, Pierce, King and Snohomish and all their cities. Their plans cover everything – from cradle to grave .

Why are our local elected officials so eager to give up control of our government to a so-called planning body steeped in Seattle urbanized madness?  They did Monday night; June 27th. .. County Commissioners Rob Gellner, Ed Wolfe and Charlotte Garrido adopted the Comprehensive Plan, without any regard that they had just turned over to another body Kitsap County’s autotomy along with my vote and influence and your vote and influence to another organization in which Kitsap County has 33.4%  influence  and Seattle has 262% ( formally known as “weighted votes”)

Hundreds of millions of state and federal  tax dollars are sent through PSRC every year  to be awarded  to local  jurisdictions through a selection process. PSRC recently announced  they are expecting $456,000,000 federal funds to be divvied up among  local transit agencies.

The county commissioners have done a pitiful job of keeping citizens informed that they are about to inflict the most draconian  regulations on our way of  life and the use of our property in the history of Kitsap County. We will find out about it when we apply for a permit!

This is not a Republican issue or a Democratic issue. It’s about your pocketbook and whether or not you’re going to allow a bunch of bureaucrats run your life and the lives of your children and grandchildren.

This is an election year.  Use your vote wisely. It’s all you’ve got.

Vivian Henderson


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