Oct 6: Property Rights Town Hall @ 7 PM


The Government has been systematically eroding your property rights over the last several years. The Progressive agenda appears to be “take a little bit now and come back for more later” incrementally removing your right to the free use of your property.

This is happening at all levels of Government. The UN Agenda 21’s basic premise is property is too valuable a commodity for private ownership and to relocate all the people off the land and into the cities. This is the same agenda units of state and local governments across our land are bent on implementing to take away your constitutionally guaranteed rights!

The US Supreme Court in its Kelo v City of New London decision ruled that a city can condemn private property and give it to a commercial interest for economic development. The EPA has ruled property over 100 miles from a navigable river can be controlled for water pollution. Washington state passed the Growth Management Act despite a rejected citizen initiative 547 in 1990.

Kitsap county has placed up to 100 foot native vegetation buffers on its shoreline shoreline and 150 foot buffers along many of our streams. Kitsap county has instituted a ¼ acre Maximum lot size in urban areas. The City of Bainbridge Island requires a use permit for any activity that takes place on the shoreline. and the list goes on……

Learn what you can do to counter this trend and maintain your property rights.

The Kitsap Alliance of Property Owners in association with the Kitsap County Association of Realtors is sponsoring a Town Hall meeting at the Crossroads Community Church on Fairgrounds Road in Bremerton at 7 PM on October 6th.

We have invited Brian Hodges, a lead lawyer from the Pacific Legal Foundation to talk about their campaign to protect your property rights and the status of their court efforts in property owners behalf.

Please join us and learn how you can protect your biggest Investment and hold government accountable.

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