Oct 19: Silverdale Community Campus Development Open House


(Port Orchard, WA) – As Kitsap County readies to create a refined redevelopment strategy for the Central Kitsap Community Campus in Silverdale, it is pausing again to gather public input at an Open House from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 19 at the Jenne-Wright Administration Center Gymnasium, 9210 Silverdale Way NW. The County and Central Kitsap Community Council welcomes and encourages the public to attend the event at this pivotal point where the need to move the project forward is greater than ever. https://spf.kitsapgov.com/ckcampus/Pages/home.aspx

The vision for a Central Kitsap Community Campus has spanned over two decades, with the first phase completed with the grand opening of the Haselwood Family YMCA. As the Silverdale population and business community has grown and evolved since then, so has the need to make development of the properties a reality. Some desired uses for the Campus, as a home to Central Stage Theatre of County Kitsap (CSTOCK) and Kitsap Regional Library, have changed as both of those organizations are now planning their own facilities at other locations.

Additional development factors have been updated as well, such as a greater understanding of the financial realities of debt obligations and costs of not only building new facilities but maintaining these public amenities well into the future. This reassessment of community needs and evaluation of redevelopment options will be factored into a revised redevelopment strategy, along with consideration of creative alliances between private and public interests to achieve long shared community goals.

“Things are happening in Silverdale and we’re at a critical juncture. The Central Kitsap Community Campus is at the heart of this transformation and a link to so many community assets in the downtown core,” said Commissioner Ed Wolfe. “Things have changed since the Campus was originally envisioned and we are now at the crossroads to select a path forward that achieves multiple community goals while being realistic and financially sustainable. It’s so important right now that we have robust community participation and input to help identify and prioritize preferred private and public uses. I am committed to getting this campus through the next redevelopment phase. Let’s get the project moving!”

During this effort to create a revised redevelopment strategy, Kitsap County is evaluating previously identified needs and community goals with the realization that there are site constraints and financial limitations – but also new options, partnerships and initiatives.

The open house will be an opportunity for the public to:
• receive information about the current scope of work and schedule;
• review site constraints and opportunities;
• review assessments on stormwater, utilities, transportation needs, zoning and parking requirements;
• review public- and private-use market demands and an inventory of Central Kitsap meeting spaces;
• make suggestions on public and private uses for the properties.

Input received at the Oct. 19 Open House will assist the County in crafting a suite of design scenarios that will be shared at a second public open house scheduled for early 2017.

For more information, go to the Central Kitsap Community Campus website or contact Angie Silva in the Kitsap County Commissioners’ Office at (360) 337-4841, asilva@co.kitsap.wa.us.


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