Public outcry shuts down King County’s proposed Septic Tax

Seattle/King County Board of Health has promoted and proposed a “fee” for each citizen who must use an Onsite Sewer System (OSS), what most of us call a septic system.  This fee would be collected each year in the property tax bill which actually seems much more a tax than a fee.  Exactly how the money the county would collect would be used is not specified; some documents state it would be a way to pool money for low cost loans should a person need to replace a failing system, while other documents discuss paying for additional staff for monitoring of OSS in King County.  This disingenuous scheme is the brainchild of Puget Sound Partnership as can be seen in the Final Funding Strategy Report Volume 1 – Findings and Recommendations Sept. 9th, 2014  at the bottom of this page.

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Proving once again, that the future belongs to those who show up, over 600 angry residents confronted King County’s Health Department staff at the final of four public hearings scheduled in the rural part of King County.  This final hearing was organized in Fall City.   The Citizens Alliance for Property Rights had reached out to many local members and rural residents who attended with a purpose.  King County formally announced  the county was dumping the Turd Tax for now (also called a “Septic Fee”).  King County Councilmember Kathy Lambert also indicated that they were planning to lobby the Washington State Legislature to change the poorly written laws that created the excuse for King County staff to invent this Turd Tax in the first place. Read the full article here.



One response to “Public outcry shuts down King County’s proposed Septic Tax

  1. Turd Tax Is An Ongoing Battle

    The outrage against a King County’s attempt to assess a fee and require monitoring for all On-site Septic Systems (OSS) gave birth to a new organization, Citizens Opposed to OSS Management Washington (COOMWA). Key volunteers offer their skills in Septic System Design, Hydrology, Construction, Real Estate, Law and Community Outreach. They are supported by a huge group of OSS owners who face $20-60,000 upgrades on systems that should be permitted for simple repairs. No longer will property owners be permitted to install the simple gravity systems. And along with the new engineered systems come the required maintenance contracts. Until a contract is signed and filed with King County, OSS are not permitted for use.

    COOMWA is currently reviewing the County’s 41-page DRAFT of a new Plan. It is available for review at

    Additional documents and information are available for review at That website also allows visitors to sign up for ongoing newsletters.

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