Poulsbo Port Enlargement Initiative

The The Poulsbo Port Board of Commissioners have placed on the November Ballet an Initiative for the enlargement of the Poulsbo Port District. Currently, only about half of Poulsbo’s residents are paying into the Port. The Board feels that all residents of Poulsbo, including some that live outside of the city limits, benefit from the existence of the Port and should, in all fairness, participate in its preservation and management.


What the Port of Poulsbo does for you

  • Provides the greatest public access to Liberty Bay in Poulsbo.
  • Serves as an economic engine for the community.
  • Provides a voice for citizens on Poulsbo and Liberty Bay Community issues.
  • Working to increase public space, waterfront access and downtown parking.
  • Performs as environmental steward for the Liberty Bay community.
  • Works to preserve property values of district residents.
  • Current and future Port projects include
  • Construction of a public community dock.
  • Replacement of the breakwater protecting the downtown shoreline and marina.
  • On-going creosote piling removal.
  • Enhancement of the Poulsbo Seaplane Base.
  • Rehabilitation of Poulsbo’s only public boat launch.

Facts about Port Enlargement Initiative
Will increase the Port District by 2,262 residences, allowing for greater citizen input.
Will increase tax revenues for the Port District by approximately $147,000.
Will increase taxes for the average household in the proposed enlargement area by approximately $65.
Will enable the Port District for finance critical projects, such as replacement of the breakwater protecting the downtown shoreline.
Will NOT impose additional regulations on district residents.

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