July 27: Dinner Speaker Randy Neatherlin @ McClouds 5PM

Randy Neatherlin is our Dinner Speaker for July 27, 2018 at  McCloud’s Grill House, 2901 Perry Ave. Bremerton. We all know Randy from the beginning of his career. He stayed focused to get where he is as Commissioner in Mason County. We all told him it was his destiny and he kept moving forward. “Yeah Randy”, now you have to urge us on. You see that we do have a path forward. Please remind us and send us forward.

So we start the conversation. Randy, what moves us? It is our belief that people own their Property and they are the best stewards. They respect mother nature and they believe as Americans who have fought for the American Dream that no hill is too tall and no regulation is too big. Thank you Randy. Help us get ready to move forward. No RSVP needed.

Questions, call Jackie at 360-990-1088.





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