Zoning Use Code Update

At our Sept 1 Board of Directors meeting, Kitsap County Department of Community Development (DCD )Staff provided a brief on the proposed Zoning Code Update that is scheduled to be submitted to a Panning Commission Public Hearing at the end of September. The Material that they presented provides a summary of the propose changes. The county Zoning code update page can be found here:
https://www.kitsapgov.com/dcd/Pages/Zoning-Use-Table-Update.aspx .

One of the problems with the county zoning use update page is that it is difficult to the content of the change. The Zoning content change is here:
Use Table Resource Guide,
Definitions Resource Guide,
Special Use Provisions Resource Guide

Please read this material carefully and provide the KAPO Board with feedback and consider testifying at the Planning Commission Hearing. The Planning Commission Schedule can be found here: https://www.kitsapgov.com/dcd/PCDocs/2020%20External%20Planning%20Commission%20Calendar.pdf

The Board Is interested in your thoughts so testimony can be readied for the public hearing.

The county is adding a whole new 43 page section to the Zoning Code. Basically moving the Zoning code footnotes to a new section.

Section 17.415 General Requirements
17.415.005 Purpose.
This chapter establishes special provisions for allowed uses identified in Sections 17.410.042 through 17.410.048. In addition to other standards and requirements imposed by this title and other requirements in the Kitsap County Code, all uses shall comply with the provisions stated herein. Should a conflict arise between the requirements of this Chapter and other requirements of the Kitsap County Code, the most restrictive shall apply.

This Section contains rules for everything from Accessory Dwelling Units to Zoo, Aquarium. It includes items such as:

17.415.— Garage sales

Periodic, noncommercial sales of personal and household goods, and professional estate sales, at residential dwellings shall be allowed as an accessory use, provided such sale events conform to the following conditions:

  1. A maximum of four events per residential address per calendar year.
  2. A maximum of four consecutive days per event.
  3. Limited to the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  4. Goods shall not be placed in the public right-of-way.
  5. It shall be the responsibility of the resident and/or operator of the sale to ensure traffic is not obstructed.
  6. All goods, tables, canopies, tarps, and associated paraphernalia shall be removed from public view between sale events.
  7. Goods shall be limited to the personal or household property of the estate, the residents of the sale location, and/or the participants in the sale. There shall be no sale of goods or products purchased or produced for resale or otherwise sold by the sale participants in a commercial enterprise.
  1. Pets and Exotic Animals. Pets, nontraditional pets and exotic animals are subject to the following conditions:
  2. Pets which are kept inside of a primary structure as household pets in aquariums, terrariums, cages or similar containers shall not be limited in number by this section. Other pets, excluding cats, which are kept indoors shall be limited to five;
    b. Pets which are kept outside of the primary structure shall be limited to three per household on lots less than twenty thousand square feet in area, only one of which may be a nontraditional pet; five per household on lots of twenty thousand to thirty- five thousand square feet, only two of which may be nontraditional pets; with an additional two pets per acre of site area over thirty-five thousand square feet up to a limit of twenty; and
  3. No feeding area or structure used to house, confine or feed pets shall be located closer than the minimum yard setbacks for the zone in which they are located. No feeding area or structure used to house, confine or feed nontraditional pets or exotic animals shall be located closer than fifty feet from any residence on adjacent property.

17.415.— Accessory use or structure.

  1. One piece of heavy equipment may be stored in any single-family zone; provided, that it is either enclosed within a permitted structure, or screened to the satisfaction of the director.
  2. A residential accessory use or structure in the Rural Historic Town Waterfront (RHTW) zone, notification to the Port Gamble/S’Klallam and Suquamish Tribes is required by the applicant prior to determination of complete application. Written proof of notification is required.
  3. Storage of shipping containers is prohibited unless allowed as part of a land use permit and/or approval. Placement of storage containers allowed only with an approved temporary permit subject to the provisions of Section 17.105.090(I).

17.415.— Campground.

  1. Campgrounds shall be recreational and transient and shall not allow:
    1. Camping for more than thirty days within a forty-day time period. Campers must vacate the overnight park facilities for ten consecutive nights between allowed stays. The time period shall begin on the date for which the first night’s fee is paid. The campground operator shall keep a log of all members of the camping party and ensure that the allowed number of days stay is not exceeded.
  2. The designation of the campground as a permanent or temporary address on official documents or applications submitted to public or private agencies or institutions.
  3. In the Rural Residential (RR) zone, Rural Protection (RP), and Rural Wooded (RW) zones, a campground is allowed only as an accessory use to a park or recreational facility greater than twenty acres in size except when included within the boundaries of a town master plan approved pursuant to Section 17.360C.030. If included within a town master plan boundary, the use shall not include more than sixty spaces per five acres. All use of recreational vehicles must be transient in nature.

17.415.— Manufactured/mobile/RV/park-model/tiny home parks.

Manufactured home/mobile/RV park/park-model/tiny home park must meet the following requirements:

  1. In the Rural Residential (RR) or Rural Wooded (RW) zones and only within the boundary of a town master plan approved pursuant to Section 17.360C.030 on parcels of five acres or larger with all uses set back one hundred feet from all parcels not included within the boundary, manufactured/mobile/RV/park- model/tiny home parks shall be allowed and require a Conditional Use Permit (C).
  2. Manufactured home parks shall be completely and adequately served by public utilities.
  3. Building lot coverage. The maximum building lot coverage is sixty percent, including accessory buildings.
  4. Accessory buildings. Buildings and structures accessory to individual manufactured homes shall be allowed. An accessory roof or awning may be attached to a manufactured home and shall be considered a part thereof. Automobile parking spaces may be covered with a carport.
  5. All drives within the park shall be hard surfaced. Sidewalks and paths shall be provided consistent with county standards.
  6. There shall be at least a ten foot setback between homes, any building within the park.
  7. There shall be sight-obscuring fencing, landscaping, or natural vegetated buffers at least eight feet wide on all sides of the park. Such screening shall contain openings that provide direct pedestrian access to adjoining streets and trails.
  8. Recreational Areas/Open Space. At least five hundred square feet for each manufactured home space shall be made available in a centralized location or locations for recreational uses.
  9. Binding site plan. A complete and detailed binding site plan shall be submitted in support of the permit. The binding site plan shall show the locations and dimensions of all contemplated buildings, structures, spaces, driveways and roads and recreational areas. The Director may require additional information as necessary to determine whether the proposed manufactured park meets all the above conditions and other applicable provisions of this code.

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