Unaffordable Housing in Kitsap County

A shortage of housing is a very real crisis in Kitsap County. By our calculations, we are as of today, short of demand by approximately 20,115 housing units. This has resulted in the cost of housing now being roughly double what Unites States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) deems as “affordable,11 both to buy and to rent. We have solutions.

Kitsap Alliance, Kitsap Home Builders Association and Kitsap Real Estate Brokers Association request an in-person working group meeting with the Board of County Commissioners, the Planning Commission, and the Kitsap County housing specialist to identify means of reducing the current high cost of housing and eliminating the deficit in housing supply.

One response to “Unaffordable Housing in Kitsap County

  1. Our landlord sold our rental and there is literally nothing to rent.
    Where do folks go when there’s nowhere TO go?
    For us, it’s not so much about affordability as availability.
    Where are me, my elderly mother and my soon-to-be-senior at SKHS to live if we can’t even find an apartment that’s available in our area? Are we to just throw away our lives, community ties and my jobs, and pick up and start over in another community hours away?
    I’m frightened of what lays ahead for us and countless others who are about to be homeless simply due to the lack of ANY rental housing.

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